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Yea, another Overland thing. Kinda.

Short version- family who went from exploring out on two wheels, to a family changed by a massive heart attack, who had to find a new way to feed their desires of exploration. We watched a YouTube series about some guys who did the Oregon Trail as a group and it sparked an interest as it seemed to have it all: adventure, friendships, nature, beauty- the list was endless. One 2019 Chevy Colorado Z71 purchase and a few add-ons later, we are out exploring and having the time of our lives!  

We love to be busy and have projects going all the time, and we try to save money when we can. It is also important we give back whenever possible, and from meeting many in our journey here, so do you! We have no intention to take money out of the hands of the business empires- but if we can help solve a problem or find a fix to keep a family out adventuring instead of sitting at home saving pennies to make dollars- we want to help! We want to give back to support causes that support good people and our beautiful planet. We want to work with every group to host events that give back to the communities we travel- which means ALL communities around the globe and we will be looking for partners to do just that with us! We want to throw gatherings that get you up and having a great time while the bonfire rages under the stars- why does everyone crawl in their tents so early- the BEST stories are shared around a keg and fish bite better if you never made it to bed from the night before - don’t you know that? We simply want to connect with people who love exploring- 2 wheels, 4 wheels, boat, bicycle- does it even really matter if we are all in awe of the same beauty at the end of the day? Nope! Didn’t think so!

Long Version- come on now lazy pants…..sit around a bonfire for that one! Bring a beer for us both- and I will, too! 

Look around, get comfy, stalk or get involved. We are glad to have you here no matter what.